Hey there! I’m Garrett. Thanks for visiting my bar and checking out my drinks.

A while back I became casually curious about the world of cocktails and mixology, so I went over to my local liquor market, bought the bar necessities to start a home bar and started mixing. Since then Ive learned an insane amount about drinks, how to create cocktail recipes, photography, and much more. A casual interest quickly turned into a passionate hobby.

By day, I’m a 3D Artist working in game development. I work for a mobile gaming company on an app called Design Home. If you have any sort of interest in interior design, definitely check it out. I’m also a huge gamer, which inspired me to start making custom craft cocktail recipes themed after some games. I have a lot of fun doing and it was one of the main inspirations for starting this whole page in the first place, so definitely check out my occasional themed cocktail I post up.

I do this mainly as a hobby for fun, but am always open to partnerships and collaborations. So please message with any questions regarding those or if you just have general drink questions and want to chat, feel free to get in touch. Cheers!