2 oz. @cocalerospirit
1/4 oz. Gin @beefeatergin_us
1/4 oz. White Rum @martirums
3 Dashes Orange Bitters
1/4 oz. Mint Syrup @cocktailartists
Barspoon Pickle Juice

Stir all together with ice and strain into coupe glass. Top with Applewood smoke.

Happy Halloween! I’m celebrating the holiday with this spooky themed cocktail because in addition to it being Halloween, it’s also the release day for a long awaited game, Luigi’s Mansion 3!!
Luigi’s Mansion holds a special place in my gaming repertoire because it was my favorite game on the GameCube alongside Super Mario Sunshine. I even bought a 3DS years ago just to okay the second Luigi’s Mansion that they released only on the handheld console. I’ve been hearing great things about Luigi’s new adventure so I’m stoked to journey through the spooky hotel and save Mario yet again.

For the drink, I started with a Martini style as the base because I imagined this being served in the fancy bar at the hotel Luigi visits in the game, for him to enjoy when he needs a break from hunting ghosts and searching for Mario and friends. It’s more of a reverse martini, using Cocalero as the base to get that nice green color and I tried out a split of rum and gin which really went nicely. I added a couple twists to it, like mint syrup and a touch of pickle juice, which you might be like “ew, wtf”, but hear me out. It’s actually really good. The splash of pickle juice added just the right subtle touch of savory in the back that I wanted in the drink. The same way olive brine just makes the perfect Martini for me. And smoking the drink really added a great smokey apple flavor to the top. I know there’s a lot going on with this one, but it all worked great together.

Let me know if any of you out there are playing the game and hope y’all are enjoying your Halloween. Cheers!

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