1 1/2 oz. Gin @beefeatergin_us
1 oz. Old Tawny Port
2 oz. Pomegranate Juice
1/2 oz. Amaro di Toscana
1/2 oz. Lemon Juice
Barspoon Simple Syrup
1/2 oz. Absinthe
Activated Charcoal

Shake together all ingredients except Absinthe and charcoal. Pour into glass. In separate mixing glass, stir together Absinthe, 1 oz. pomegranate juice, and a pinch of charcoal. Add ice to drink and pour black mixture on top. Garnish with pomegranate.

With Halloween only a few days away, time to get into the ghoulish spirit with this Harry Potter themed cocktail. I’ve had this original Death Eater wand from Universal for a couple years so I wanted to make a drink themed after it for the spooky season. I immediately thought such a drink would be strong, bitter, and slightly sour so that’s what I went for. The absinthe mixture on top have it even an extra kick and I had to throw a nice mangled looking chunk of pomegranate on top to complete the vibe. I could honestly picture a Death Eater chilling and sipping on this while waiting to be called upon by the Dark Lord. Cheers and keep it spooky out there!

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