The exact origin of this classic refresher is a little more uncertain, but it has been traced back all the way to the 1500s when Sir Francis Drake landed in Havana, Cuba, to sack the city of its gold. His crew was suffering from diseases and it was rumored the natives had medicine to cure it. What they came back with resembles the modern day Mojito, mint leaves, sugar cane juices, and lime. A cocktail named El Draque (seemingly named after Drake) with similar ingredients became popular in Cuba after that. However, its modern name seems to be attributed to some African slaves working in the Cuban sugar cane fields. But the spike in popularity and international spread of the drink is mainly thanks to Bacardi in the 1800s.

2 oz. White Rum
1/2 oz. Simple Syrup
Club Soda
8-10 Mint Leaves
4 Lime Wedges

Place mint leaves and lime wedges in glass and muddle well. Pour simple syrup and rum on top and stir lightly. Add ice and top with club soda.

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