This recipe gets a slightly bad rep, due to being associated with the super sweet blended drink often served at restaurants or beach side bars. Although the classic is far from that, and nothing more than rum, sugar, and lime juice. Despite the sweet blended version, the classic recipe is still considered a craft cocktail. It takes its name from the place it was invented, the mining town of Daiquiri on the southeastern tip of Cuba. Supposedly it was invented by an American mining engineer to protect the workers from yellow fever because the alcohol and lime were thought to guard against the disease. The drink eventually made its way to the U.S. in the early 1900s when an American Navy officer brought the recipe back from Cuba and it gained vast popularity over the next several decades. There is also some debate over the “ideal” ratios for the recipe. Some people will swear by the 2:1:1 formula, while some people might prefer a 2:3/4:3/4 or 2:1:3/4. It mainly comes down to preference.

2 oz. White Rum
1 oz. Simple Syrup
1 oz. Lime Juice

Shake with ice. Garnish with lime wheel or twist.

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