1 1/2 oz. Mizunara @brokenbarrelwhiskey
3/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth
1/2 oz. Maraschino Liqueur
1/2 oz. @aperolusa
2 Tbsp. Coffee Grounds (for drip pour)

Place coffee grounds in filter in pour over. Stir together other ingredients. Place drip pour on top of cocktail glass and strain stirred cocktail through coffee grounds. Let fully drip, drop ice cube in to make that sweet splash (or just place gently if you want the whole drink intact). Garnish with orange slice and cold brew dark chocolate.

Hope you’re making as big a splash in your week as this ice cube made in my drink, which I was miraculously able to capture. I also hope @highproofpreacher approves of my splash shot game.

But here is another recipe using one of the amazing expressions from @brokenbarrelwhiskey. The Mizunara expression has nutty notes as well as a little toasted bread in there. And on the nose you get some toffee and cherry hints. I tried it out in this Boulevardier based recipe and went for something a little outside the box by filtering it through coffee grounds. That also technically makes this my first ever coffee cocktail. I know, I know, “Garrett why haven’t you mixed any cocktails with coffee before?!”. Couldn’t really say, but to be honest coffee isn’t one of those things that I was ever super eager to try in a drink for some reason, but I do love coffee 🤷‍♂️ HOWEVER, straining the drink through coffee grounds had a really neat affect. The coffee wasn’t overpowering and super present, but rather just added a nice bitter coffee kick to the finish of the drink. I really liked this method so would for sure recommend trying it out.

#ad The Mizunara expression from @brokenbarrelwhiskey Single Oak Series is a blend of American corn with Japanese oak staves. More American in its sweetness and character but also Japanese in its mellow finish. I really enjoyed this one even on its own. It’s incredibly smooth, mellow, and slightly sweet which makes it a perfect sipper. Just like the others, this one is limited to 6,000 bottles so pick it up this Fall if you spot it.

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