1 1/2 oz. @brokenbarrelwhiskey Isle of Peat
1 oz. Mezcal
3/4 oz. Bittter Bianco @luxardousa
1/2 oz. Cardamom Syrup
1/4 oz. Lemon Juice
4 Drops Szechuan Spice Bitters @infusebitters

Shake all together with ice. Strain into glass over rock and garnish with rosemary sprig and orange twist

Happy #nationalmezcalday! As per usually, didn’t know it was coming up till last night, but just so happened to have a recipe using Mezcal on deck so it all works out, yet again 😅 But this one is a delicious, smoky little treat using a base combo of mezcal and some delicious Isle of Peat whiskey from @brokenbarrelwhiskey they were kind enough to send me samples of. The whiskey on its own boasted subtle smokey campfire notes so combining it with mezcal to boost that profile seemed like the move. The Bitter Bianco added the herbal notes here and the resulting taste, combined with the Szechuan spice, was a drink tasting like spices and herbs roasting over a campfire and it was amazing.

#ad The Isle of Peat from @brokenbarrelwhiskey is one of three whiskeys in their limited release Single Oak Series. It’s a blend of American wheat and single malt whiskey, married with Islay Scotch barrels. It’s incredibly smooth and makes for a great sipper on the rocks or neat. It’s some of the best whiskey I’ve had and would really recommend it. And the limited nature of the series means only 6000 bottles per expression will be released and they will be available this fall so definitely grab one if you come across them.

Cheers and y’all best be enjoying some Mezcal today!

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